4 Questions to Ask to Find out if Your Ad is Ready


This article emphasizes on making sure to meet the brand and message at an alignment that becomes focal to your clients and this is done by asking oneself these set of questions and also some ways on how to do it so that the brand and message are so inevitable that it can easily enter the prospect’s mind as well.

  1. How should I present the offer that is exceptional, new and out of the box?

The gist is the focused attention. No matter how bigshot the product or how catchy your copy is. If people don’t hear it, you don’t have their attention and it won’t convert them as well. If the offer is brand new in the market, something no one has never done it, it becomes relatively easy. But, if it is not, then ask these questions, according to KOB advertising.

  1. How can you make it innovative and attention worthy?
  2. Which angle should I present this in to make it new in the market?
  1. How to make this offer easy to understand?

Humans adore simplicity. When something is understood with ease, we tend to love it more and approach it with much validity. You need to understand to make the rhythm and rhyme leveraged. You can achieve this by thinking back about every major hit song you have ever heard. Pay attention to the chorus. They are composed of single syllable words. Be simple when composing an ad copy.

  1. How to create the opening question in such a way that it drive sales or trigger a desire?

You need to come up with an opening question that makes the consumer say this is who they are and this is how they will answer. Effective opening questions tend to gain attention, and they also trigger consistent actions that is consistent with the desired action. By merely asking a general question, you engage only the mind, not the heart. When you ask questions that makes the person answer something about himself and the same that informs the next action you would want them to make, that’s all you need.

  1. What associations and relevancy can you link in the ad to positively link it with the offer?

Here you need to link your product or service with a common experience. The gist is the mental links like metaphors, memories and nostalgia that is linked with a product. Here you need to tap into the memory of the viewer via your add and associate a product to the same.