How to Find a Commercial Laundry Service


If you are running a hotel or a restaurant, you should look for a commercial laundry service. A commercial laundry service is necessary for companies that don’t have an in-house washing system. A variety of different types of linen items are used in businesses such as restaurants and hotels. For instance, you will need linen items for use as table cloths, serviettes, napkins, bed sheets, pillow covers, and for general purpose use. Most of the linen used in such businesses is white, so it’s important that you make arrangements for cleaning the linen.

When a person visits your restaurant and sits down at the table, they are going to expect it to be completely clean. However, if the table cloth has marks and stains on it and if the serviettes and napkins that you put up are also dirty, it’s really not going to paint a good impression of your company. Therefore, it’s necessary that you make arrangements accordingly for cleaning the linen.

Many hotel owners and restaurants simply can’t afford to set up a washing unit indoors. Not only will you need to allocate more space, but you will also need to hire staff and purchase the equipment for handling the commercial laundry. When I was looking to make arrangements for this, I began by searching for a commercial laundry service near me. It’s the best option for most people, and will make it easy for you to manage your linen inventory without much of a hassle. Here are a few tips on how to find a commercial laundry service.

Search Online

The best way to begin is by searching for local businesses online. There are a number of companies that offer linen and laundry washing services around the city, so it’s recommended that you start by looking for one nearby. If you find one close to your place, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money on transportation costs. Most companies also offer free pickup and delivery services, so you won’t even need to deliver the linen to their offices in person. They will send over a van to your place to pick up all the dirty linen and wash it and deliver it back.

Compare Prices

Before you will be outsourcing the linen washing to another company, it’s important that you maintain a cost margin. There’s no need to spend over the top for a commercial laundry service. While it’s necessary to keep the linen clean, you need to make sure that you don’t spend more than necessary, as that could cut into your company’s profit margins. The aim is to keep your costs as minimal as possible, and the best way to do so is by comparing numerous options. Ask for quotes from several companies to find out the most affordable option and then make a decision. There are plenty of companies that offer discounts if you choose their bulk washing services as well, so this is a great idea, too.